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1stRO Gepard Shield. Mid rates 250x250x100x
Categoria: Mid rates
Mid rates 250x250x100x Pre-Renewal 99/70. Exclusives features. rAthena/1stRO C++. BattleGround 3.0. Control Panel and Forum Oboro. Soft Delays (anti nodelay server-side system). Gepard Shield.BlackPot: Autopot + SkillSpammer. - Stylist: +1300 Cloth Palettes, +290 Hair Colors, Female and Male hairs mixed. Control Panel and Forum Oboro: WoE, BG, PvP and MvP Rank. RCX functions integrated into game client. Insta @Refresh. Costume accessory jRO, kRO and Ancient costume system.@hold: new edition. Mount system. Developers with more than 10 years of experience in Ragnarök Online.
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